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Natural Penis Enlargement Exercise For The Newbie

By : Richard Hairston    99 or more times read
Submitted 2012-05-09 19:52:42
If you are going to do a natural penis enlargement exercise this is where you should begin. You need to start with one that is geared towards beginners because it is the only way you will be successful in increasing your penis size. You must be familiar with the stress your penis will go through.

This is very important if you do not want to hurt yourself. Some believe that the more exercises they do the quicker they will see results and this is not the case. If you are not going to be devoted to enlarging your penis the correct way, please, do not start it. You have to have patience and be willing to persevere through it. This is not a get bigger quick method for getting a bigger penis.

With that being said, let's get you started on your way to a bigger penis.

First thing first: You have to do a five minute warm-up.

This is very important because the heat from the towel gets your penis prepared for the exercise by allowing more blood to flow to your penis. The heat also loosens the penile anchoring system and the corporal bodies. You can choose any method you want for applying heat to it. It can be a hot wet towel or a heating pads and there are others you can use. You have to do this for five minutes.

Do six minutes of basic penis stretching:

By stretching your penis you are focusing on the length of your penis and its anchoring system. Make sure you grip below the glans for proper stretching. To do this place your thumb on the underside of your penis which is called the under hand style or you can do the over hand grip by placing your thumb below the topside of your glans and make sure your fingers are placed below your glans on the underside of your penis.

Once you decide which grip you are going to do, extend your penis all the way out with maximum force. You also want to stretch in different directions because you want to put stress on different areas of your penis. Downward stretching puts tension on the upper shaft along with your anchoring system. Upward stretching puts tension on the penis underside along with the tunica.

Right and left penis stretching is geared toward the angle. You want to make sure you have a good grip so you might want to use some tissue paper. You want to concentrate while you are doing the different stretching techniques so you can get use to the feel of each one.

Now, here's what you are going to do and follow closely. Each one is done for one minute total with a 30 second waiting period.

Stretch straight down for one minute, wait 30 seconds

Stretch straight up for one minute, wait 30 seconds

Stretch straight out for one minute, wait 30 seconds

Stretch straight down to the right for one minute, wait 30 seconds

Stretch straight down to the left for one minute, wait 30 seconds

The rotate stretch is for one minute wait 30 seconds; once clockwise and once counter clockwise

Ten minutes of Jelqing the simple way for newbies:

Jelqing is considered one of the best penis exercises for girth and length. It depends upon the hardness of your penis. Meaning you do want to have a full erections while doing this exercise,at least not in the beginning. In order for this to work right you will need some type of lubrication because your hands to manipulate your penis properly.

In case you are wandering what to use, here are a few suggestions. You can use baby oil, lotions or vaseline. Which one you use is totally up to you, just make sure you are comfortable with it.

For you to do this exercise right, grip your penis tightly using the "OK" sign at the base with your palm down. Once your very first OK grip gets below your glans, do it again using you other hand using the same grip. Start off with a semi erection so you can get use to it, then you can slowly increase the hardness of your erections. Your level of hardness should 80% semi soft while jelqing.

For the first two weeks do 300 jelqs, two seconds waiting period. After that you should do 600 jelqs, waiting two seconds in between.

Do warm downs for five minutes:

Make sure you use a hot towel for your warm downs. You have to do this in order for your penis to recover from the exercises you just performed. What you are doing here is the same thing you done for the warm up. Just refer to the warm up section at the top.

Exercise your PC Muscle by doing Kegel Exercises:

You can do the Kegel exercise anywhere at anytime. This natural penis enlargement exercise helps you perform better in bed, give you more pleasure and it helps you last longer. This is easily done by contracting your PC muscle that you use to start and stop the flow of your urine.

Start of with 50 Kegels exercises, hold it for five seconds and release for two seconds.
Author Information: If you took notice, the nike tn natural penis enlargement exercises listed should take you no longer than 26 minutes a day. Think about it, doing these exercises for 26 minutes a day you will be well on your way to increasing your penis size. This free report called: Penis Enlargement Exposed, is a must read for Newbies.
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